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Hello, my dear friends and welcome to my new post.
I'm obsessed with spring trends these days, so today I'm bringing you one more post about my favorites this season, but this time from my dear brand Wholesale7.

This is definitely my favorite from this list! Ruffles are a huuuuuge trend this year and this little top fits perfectly into it. Those are so-called peasant tops, with a straight cut going on and huge sleeves. You also have this one in black, but this one is in my opinion prettier. Make sure to check it out HERE.

Contrast everything, please! I love these cut-colors on every kind of clothes, but I think on skirts it's the prettiest and makes you stand out. I think black and white is a huge contrast, some may not like it, but I definitely love it and I think it would rock the streets! Be sure to check it out HERE.

This one reminds me so much of summer nights, do you feel the vibe? We also have some ruffles going on here, as well as some florals, and both are trending this spring, so this is a blast for this season! You can check it out HERE.

When I first saw this I was like - UGH NO! But to be honest, I kinda started liking it. Animal print has definitely marked 2018 and 2019, but if I had to choose between a snake and leopard, snake it is! Check this one out HERE.

I was also skeptical about neon, but now it's not so bad. When I saw this top, all the doubts were gone. It's beautifully designed, and I love the lace part. I picked out neon because it's a trend but you also have it in black so check it out HERE.

 Do you like these trends?
If you do, what is your favorite?
Let's discuss in the comments. :)


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